What my Husband has taught Me

I’ve shared many of my personal struggles and insecurities over the past year and I wanted to share a list I put together along the way, about the things my husband has unknowingly taught me. After twenty years of marriage it’s easy to take each other for granted, unless we stop and focus on the good qualities. There’s nothing more rewarding for a couple (in my opinion) than to grow together.

So here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. There is such a thing as unconditional love and I CAN be at the receiving end of it.

2. There’s no such thing as too much patience, especially when the one you love suffers from a mental illness.

3. There are boundaries we all need in order to show those we love the proper respect they deserve.

4. To never give up on those I love. If they are valuable to me, I should never see the effort and hard work as a waste of my time.

5. To always be sincere and honest with myself.

6. The truth, no matter how painful, is better than the temporary comfort of a lie.

7. Adulthood shouldn’t mean the end of growth and maturing.

8. It’s better to face my fears, than to try to outrun them. (I can’t run fast anyway!)

9. I have his support in my journey to heal. He’s on my side and wants to see me triumph over my depression.

10. I can’t just take. I also need to give. This will keep me from developing an ungrateful, unthankful, and selfish attitude.

11. The best place to be is in the arms of a man who is aware of all my imperfections and still chooses to see my good qualities, even though these are few!

We should cherish and hold on to those who choose to ride out the storms with us, and don’t allow us to give up on ourselves. I didn’t know how much his inner strength would one day help the two of us. If he had sunk with me, it would probably have taken twice as long to come out of it, but I won’t go there. We’re a team of two imperfect people who want to see each other thrive, and pass that on to our children!

For those of you who are married: go give your significant other a warm hug!

Love you guys ; )


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