Don’t Give Up!

I’ve been wanting to share a song with you guys for some time now (it’s not sad, I promise). I found it at the beginning of summer and I liked it because it conveys a message of not giving up. My struggle through life is not so uncommon after all! This song described it perfectly. I’ve included the lyrics, just in case. Hope you like it.

The Fold Ivan & Alyosha

All the years that you have wasted.
Now you want them all back.
Long ago you stopped counting,
Because you couldn’t keep track.
You were faced with a future,
That was bright as the sun,
But the pressure, it was mounting.
You decided to run, run away.
Which direction does the wind blow,
In the valley there below?
And brother how should I know,
The way that you should go?
There’s a dream on the horizon,
That’s calling out your name.
Better go and find your reason,
Better find your claim to fame.

Don’t you fold,
When the mountain is high,
When the river is wide.
Don’t you fold,
When you’re out of your mind,
When you’re walking the line

An oasis in the desert
Where the waters run clear,
And the only way to see it,
Is to believe that it’s there.
Well we all must fight our battles,
No matter where you came.
So be done with your excuses,
You’re the only one to blame.


And all this time,
I was living a lie,
I was lost and petrified.
But I know that things can change in time.
All the years dreams can buy,
Between the heart and the mind


Love you guys ; )


3 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up!

  1. I listened to the song,thank you, for sharing. You are right mija we are not alone in how we feel, it’s comforting to to that we can get through it right? I Love so much,keep trusting in the Grand Creator with all of your being♡

  2. Nice. But that’s you. Forever having timeless taste. I love you tons! ‘Don’t you fold.’ Like it for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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