Where to Start

Ways To Recover From Abuse

  • Remembering and acknowledging the abuse
  • Grieving over the abuse
  • Talking out one’s feelings with a supportive listener
  • Overcoming feelings of guilt and shame
  • Coming to terms with one’s parents
  • Applying Bible principles to change destructive behavior
  • Healing unhealthy sexual feelings
  • Developing healthy personal and moral boundaries
  • Developing a close relationship with God and fellow Christians

Releasing the Past

Memories are usually released over a period of weeks, months, or years. Each emerging  memory may bring on a temporary crisis. The Right to Innocence says that at times “you may feel like you are backsliding. You aren’t. You are getting better. In actuality, you have gained the strength necessary to face deeper, even more painful feelings and awarenesses.” With good reason, recovering may temporarily become a person’s all consuming concern.

Some victims find it beneficial to read or hear the expressions of other victims. Looking at family photos, visiting childhood sites, and talking to supportive friends and family members may also stir up memories. Writing about ones’ thoughts and emotions is also helpful. The goal of bringing up memories is to release them so the victim can heal, and move on. Prayer is also a powerful tool at our disposal and equally, if not more so, helpful.


This advice became especially useful to me when I was finally ready to start the process of purging the past and coming to terms with my abuse. Fear was no longer an option for me, it had paralyzed me far too long. I couldn’t bear the thought of further hurting my relationships and risk losing what I most loved.

Don’t let fear continue to overpower you, it’s an unmerciful master that will eventually destroy you.


One thought on “Where to Start

  1. Yes! That’s exactly what happens you capture these moments in time and when you are ready to let them go, you decide that. Not some saying “just let the past go” they mean well. They want you to get better. But, this is your journey you will let it go your way your time. And you are there!!! I love you Chica you have come far in a short while. I am over the moon excited of ALL you’ve accomplish.

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