Recognizing and Accepting my faults

A few weeks ago I wrote about how difficult it was for me to acknowledge and accept my faults. After I read a few articles about honesty, I realized this was something I had to do. Never before had I thought that I was being dishonest with myself in overlooking and making excuses for my character flaws. It was like looking in a mirror, but choosing to see what I wanted. I think I was focusing on my feet! Any way, when I accepted these faults I was initially overwhelmed with the task of working to correct them, but recognized the need to be patient. I hadn’t gotten where I was overnight, so it was gonna take time to work through them.

As a Christian, some of the qualities we are encouraged to cultivate are humility, kindness, self-control, and patience. All are basic human qualities valued anywhere, no matter what your race, country, language, or faith. I had none of these in healthy amounts. One, in particular, didn’t exist within me at all.  That was humility. Humility is the first quality I want to focus on because it’s something I didn’t fully grasp until recently.

I come from a family in which many members are very proud. You can even say some are narcissistic! I’m not laying blame on anyone here for my shortcomings. As adults, we can pick and choose what we will and won’t practice from what we learned as children. Personally, I never thought being proud was wrong, because at least I wasn’t as bad as so and so, and hey, I was a nice person (most of the time). 

The sad fact is, I had no clue on how to be humble despite knowing the meaning of the word! I thought it only involved being very nice. That’s all there is to it, right? What I was really displaying, was false humility, but no one can fool others with false humility. I sure wasn’t. I only succeeded in fooling myself. It was only a matter of time before my pride broke through the facade. I couldn’t successfully suppress it or cover it with niceness. It had to be dealt with and uprooted from my heart in order for humility to grow.

True humility though, can’t exist without love. Love for yourself will ensure you have good self esteem, and when you have good self esteem you don’t feel the need to criticize or put others down just to make yourself feel better, or superior. I can’t stress the importance of self love enough, therefore, it will come up often.

Think of a nutritionist, who stresses the importance of eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. They do so because they know these foods will help you become and remain healthy. Well that’s what love does for us emotionally, it keeps us healthy. 


4 thoughts on “Recognizing and Accepting my faults

  1. As I was reading this I thought ‘what a grand work Jehovah is doing’ and as I’m writing this I’m thinking about the butterfly, you know how it starts out like,,,then the change, you are about to spread your wings. The way they plump up their wings to get ready to fly! My love I give thanks to Jehovah for that, fly high spiritually my love ! Love you : )

  2. The title of your blog “live to inspire others”, this post on: faults, hugs your title. I don’t doubt your love for yourself will spill over into all the other relationships that have been lacking your love. Which happens when you dig deep and work hard. Dude,I am extremely proud again. I applaud the progress you have made already. This is a marathon, and you are working it!! You go girl. Love you tons!

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