Fooling myself

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”

-R.P Feynman

How easy it is for YOU, to fool you! I’ve paid a high price for doing this to myself. Your mind knows when your heart is fooling you, and vice versa. When you choose to listen to the negative talk in your mind, it causes pain to your heart. When your heart is trying to justify a wrong action or thought, it causes mental anguish. It gets to the point where the rest of your body also begins to suffer because of this conflict going on between your mind and heart.

An example of personal inner conflict, that would go on every day for me, would begin with my mind telling me, “you’re worthless”. This was triggered when I couldn’t connect with my kids and my husband, or seeing the problems my disorganization caused to our finances and home. Saying this to myself left me emotionally unavailable to them, so it became a vicious cycle. Yet, as often as my mind would repeat those words, my heart didn’t really believe them to be true. It knew I had some value. That value, was based on the love of my family and friends, and my Creator. I felt like that twenty dollar bill I once heard of in an illustration some years ago; that had been crumpled up, stepped on and soiled. Yes, it was in bad shape, but it still had value.

In starting to correct this way of thinking, the inner conflict has subsided. It’s being replaced with inner peace (I never believed it truly existed until now!). I can use the freed up strength to start correcting other negative thinking, and channel my emotions in positive ways (most of the time).

The journey to begin this process can seem daunting because for many of us that’s the only kind of thinking we’ve ever known! But it’s time to stop fooling yourself; whether it’s with negative talk, or toxic emotions. You deserve the peace that comes with it!

; )



4 thoughts on “Fooling myself

  1. I feel like we are benefiting along with you, that inner conflict is a powerful thing but what is more powerful is Jehovah’s holy spirit. He is helping you my love because you were ready to come out with what was making you have these feelings. Dido with what Tina said I’m soo proud of you. Keep on growing spiritually.

  2. I am glad you are using your strength to correct what is negative, I can’t be
    more proud of you than I am right now. It comes with more negative you put aside. It’s amazing to see you move like this. It’s a journey and you’ve started on the road to all positive and more strength. The added perk is joy that comes along with it. I love you so much!

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