Ideas 7 & 8

7. “Always have an achievable goal or dream. You don’t have to work at your goal every day, but it helps to keep one in mind. For example, if your dream is to move to Hawaii, have a picture of the islands on your wall.”

My goal every morning was to make it to the end of the day! That’s how it was for a good three, plus years. I couldn’t see past the present day. I would make plans (not very many) ,but I often thought I wasn’t gonna be well enough to see them through. On bad days I didn’t think I’d live long enough to accomplish anything, and so held off from having goals to work on. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want any. I just found that at the time, having them was overwhelming. I wasn’t living, I was existing.

8. “Being a little jealous of someone else’s success can be inspirational. Hey, if he or she can do it, then so can you. Sometimes to propel ourselves to the next level, we have to feel that we missed out on something.”

This was another one I felt didn’t apply to me. I’ve never thought something good could come out of jealous feelings, but then again that’s my personal viewpoint. For me it raises questions like: If someone’s success pushes you to try harder, what’s at the root of it? Is it to improve as a person, or is it to feel superior to those who haven’t yet achieved what you have? Some may see no problem with this advice, but from where I am right now emotionally, I choose to forgo.


One thought on “Ideas 7 & 8

  1. The attitude from having a desperate goal like surviving, to realizing there’s more to it is pretty cool! Proud of you! I can see the light on your face it’s nice, thank you for doing this. I love you so much and I want you to know every step makes the biggest difference, go sister go.

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