Ideas 5 & 6

5. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. When you do, you’ll realize what a waste of time it was. It’s important to let your pain out, but it’s more important not to live your life with it.”

I honestly wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to awaken the strong woman within me; the one who could overcome the toughest problems without being knocked down. When I would read this advice, I felt clueless as to how I should apply it. Maybe that’s how people who have addictions feel when they’re told to quit whatever it is that they abuse. I definitely needed a different kind of help. A pep talk wasn’t gonna do it!

6. “Trust your inner voices, but get confirmation from an authority. If you are inspired to follow your bliss but it will mean creating some difficult changes for loved ones, you would be wise to talk to an adviser first. Then run your plan by the people who will be affected.”

I didn’t feel this applied to me at the time, nor in the present. My “bliss” didn’t involve creating difficult changes for anyone in the family. I’m still learning to trust my inner voice, and I find it’s becoming easier as my thoughts become more positive.


One thought on “Ideas 5 & 6

  1. contrary to your post the bliss will rock people around you. It might not feel like it but they are used to you being “you”. They unlike you are NOT fighting to change and climb over rocks so to speak. You’re getting the pain of change. It hurts you feel sore, blistering pain, and want to give up. People will say “just stop”. That’s 6. on the list. You come to the middle of the list, road. Keep going. There is much to be covered and faced. You are woman! You got this. Keep digging deep. Changes with your advisor in this case is your partner. He must be aware of your goals and he will be that support you need in the darkest of moments. He wants and needs to be intertwined all the way and in someway. Love you!!

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