Ideas 3 & 4

3.“Don’t wait for ill health to inspire you to take care of yourself. Exercise, get regular checkups, eat healthy and don’t smoke. Those changes will give you a lease on a longer life.”

Hmmmm, my health was pretty much in the dumps! I knew about good nutrition, but thought it was too hard to stick to. When you feel terrible emotionally, food is a good stimulant. Who doesn’t feel better after eating a few delicious cookies, or cake? Sadly, that good feeling is fleeting, so you need more. See the snow ball effect? We’ll comfort ourselves not only with food but with other things that can be detrimental to our health.

4.“Some days you’re jogging, and some days you’re slogging. No matter how hard you work at making things better, there will be bad days. Accept it, get through it and start again tomorrow.”

Sound familiar? I posted and commented on this a few days ago. We all have different speeds and things happen on a daily basis that can affect how fast or how slow we go. The important thing is not to stop. When you stop you start to sink. I would have a pity party and think it was the end of the world! Yeah, I realized life goes on just like it should. No one wants to stay stuck in a bad moment and remain miserable. Bad days give us lessons and good days give us awesome memories.


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