“No matter how hard you work at making things better, there will be bad days. Accept it, move forward, and start again tomorrow.”

Being a perfectionist has held me back from many things. For me it’s another manifestation of fear. In this case, fear of failure. How do we get ourselves into this mindset of expecting to do things perfectly, if we’re well aware that we are imperfect?

I think for me it’s about not accepting my limitations & being unrealistic. When something doesn’t turn out the way I visualized it, I’ll be harsh with myself and the self criticism begins. This leads me to give up and tell myself that since I couldn’t do it perfectly, I shouldn’t try it again because I’m gonna fail anyway! This has affected my relationships, my pursuits and even accomplishing everyday tasks. It’s manifested as an, “all or nothing” attitude.

A good illustration I heard, to drive home how defeating perfectionism is, was that of a baby learning to walk. Imagine if every time that baby fell she told herself, “get up you little dummy!”, or “why try, you’re gonna fall again?”
That’s not how it is, and we admire their persistence!

So yes, we will have bad days where it seems like what we’ve done or accomplished isn’t good enough, but you have the next day to try again! And you can’t say that the experience didn’t teach you something new about yourself. ; )


2 thoughts on “Perfectionism

  1. That reminds me of what a brother gave in a talk. He said it’s a striving after the wind, just like riches, but perfection who has attained it? And who knows what that really is? NO ONE! I had never really given it any thought really, but oh how true it is , its self defeating. You hit a good point we all want to strive for something, but when we don’t accomplish it just like we want, we use that to beat ourselves up with, an as excuse to to do better or try again. It’s a good thing that Jehovah doesn’t see us for what we think we are but what we can become under his direction. I love you, keep your thoughts flowing : )

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