What you think…

“What you think of me is none of my business.”

I read this quote about a month ago and it resonated with me. Since I can remember, I’ve been the kind of person who worries about what others are going to think of me if I do this, or say that. This preoccupation has led me to live a life of constant worry; which equals wasted energy!

Here’s how that worry begins; with me asking, “what if so & so doesn’t agree w/ this,” or ” they’re not gonna be happy w/ me if I do that” etc., etc. Wanting the good opinion of others is not what I’m talking about. That gets built up over time. As family, friends, and colleagues see your good and bad qualities, they hopefully come to value you for who you are. What I’m addressing here isn’t productive. You set limits on your potential simply because you don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way.

So what’s behind this way of thinking? For me it was fear. Fear of displeasing; of falling out of favor with someone. The reality is quite the opposite. It hasn’t won me more friends. I’m not daughter in law of the year and overall, I’m not a better person. I was never, nor will ever, be able to please everyone. I’m coming to terms with that. It is so ingrained though, that when I thought of posting this quote I asked myself, “what if it offends someone?” What I’m fully aware of now is that worrying about such things hasn’t helped me, and it doesn’t make me more likeable either.

If I was asked to rephrase this quote it would go like this, “You are entitled to your opinion of me, and it doesn’t bother me.”


6 thoughts on “What you think…

  1. I have to say: we all beat ourselves up. The hard thing to learn is when to stop and pat ourselves on the back. We accomplish much when we work hard. Yes we do fall like babies. They are gentle soft falls almost can catch on to something because they expect it. They look adorable. You too my sister are looking adorable. It is so nice to see that glow that you’re giving off because you are working hard digging deep, plus no signs of “beatings”. We all can get hard on ourselves it will happen. As long as it isn’t our practice. Love you so!

  2. Loved what you wrote! It so true I guess we all go through that in some form or the other,its a Web that for some they can’t figure out , I’m glad that you have found the path out of it ! I love you dearly and continue to grow spiritually : )

  3. I love you so much. I want you to keep expressing yourself and to break away from all your fears in the wide range of colors that they may come. You are the best sister and are becoming an even better person. Each conversation helps me see and appreciate you MORE! There is no end of how proud I am of all you have accomplished. I write this for you as someone who knows you and dearly loves you. Thank you for facing your fears, and I am here however you need me. Even if it means being quiet. Love you!!!

    • Thank you for remaining positive for me and cheering me on. I couldn’t possibly go down this journey of healing w/ out the support you guys give. Love you 😉

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